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Exterior Building Facades


With the rapid increase of advanced lightweight materials, designers and architects have access to a wide array of 3M DI-NOC films for refurbishing vs. replacing building exteriors and facades.

The profiles allow for the design without boundaries. Facades regardless of the materials used during their original construction can be refurbished using 3M DI-NOC Exterior or other exterior films produced by 3M. The result is a refreshed, ‘like new’, appearance for the facade.

Why replace expensive building exteriors and facades when they can be remodelled with DI-NOC façade film at significantly reduced costs compared with conventional renovations?

3M Exterior Film


The cast PVC film of 3M DI-NOC Exterior for building exteriors and facades is the perfect synthesis of engineering performance and design, because of the special coating, the high-quality appearance is maintained over time. And so, this makes DI-NOC Exterior the ideal solution for building repair and redesign.

A warranted product installed by a trained DI-NOC installer means the value retention even over a duration of 10 years giving customers confidence in the long-term finish of their façade.  (Warranty for when vinyl is applied to a flat, vertical, outdoor surface with the recommended 3M overlaminate).

3M DI-NOC EXTERIOR Film for building exteriors and facades - Application

After preparation of the building exteriors and facades (including cleaning), the pre-cut film is applied to the existing surfaces. This means, no dismantling of the façade elements is required. And so, the light-weight film facilitates a visual refresh in virtually all areas of the façade, without compromising the static nature of the building. Additionally, the special 3M adhesive technology allows precise positioning and makes application of the film easier. Furthermore, the 3M DI-NOC Exterior for external applications can be trimmed to size precisely on site. Final, detailed adjustments can therefore be performed quickly at any time.

DI-NOC™ Exterior films are extremely durable, resilient, dimensionally stable and UV-resistant, developed especially for external decoration and modernization of facades.

In addition, 3M™ Comply™ adhesive technology 3M™ Comply™ is an adhesive technology that facilitates quick, easy and bubble-free application of film by means of air ducts in the adhesive. Trapped air between film and base can be removed easily. This reduces the installation time and ensures a precise adhesion result for the perfect finish.

3M graphic films are extremely durable, resilient, dimensionally stable and UV-resistant, developed especially for exterior wall wraps.

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