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Custom Privacy Film

Project Overview:
INPS (Autograph Trim) worked with KMAI (Kearns Mancini Architects) on a gradient film for BMO Corporate Real Estate. Custom Privacy Film – a three-layer privacy film consisting of a white gradient integrated between two custom transparent layers of BMO blue ink.

To produce a digitally printed graphic that was transparent rather than simply translucent.

Version one: we utilized a digitally printed white graphic pattern onto IJ8150 with 8518 overlaminate on the first surface and then Fasara Fine String on the second surface.

Version two: we went to a translucent blue background with the same digitally printed white graphic.

Final version: was the current transparent all blue with the sandwiched layer of white ink in a gradient pattern. The final pattern which won a REMMY AWARD was a white gradient that transitions from opaque to clear so that the top of the glass panel is transparent.

Project Details: Location: BMO Corporate Office, Toronto, Ontario

Scope of Project:

  • Digital Printing
  • Over laminate
  • Printed Privacy Film
  • Custom Window Film
  • Office dividers
  • Installation
BMO window film
Office Desk Privacy Film